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david's relationships, encounters and acquaintanceships of the seventies.

Click on a photo and you will be guided to their description below. To keep matters more narrow than usual, just some people have been included in this section. Most of them being main people in David's life during certain periods of time in the seventies.

Marc Bolan Angie Bowie Freddi Buretti Bebe Buell

"Ziggy Stardust never thought he'd need so many people, but by 1970, Bowie certainly did. The first of his triumvirate of helpers was a loud American business studies student named Angela Barnett. They'd met in April 1969, moved to Beckenham (Haddon Hall) that year, and had married by March 1970."
"Having Angie around to provide love and encouragement meant there was little room for Ken Pitt to manoeuvre. By spring 1970, he was gone, banished in a way that was out of keeping with his gentlemanly ways." "With Angie there to do the hustling, Bowie allowed himself to drop the guise of formality which he'd maintained in Pitt's presence. Now, he was free to make a more wholehearted assault on the rock business that had been ignoring him for so long."  - Mark Paytress, "The Album That Killed the 60s", Record Collector, June 1998
...Angie has written two books, "Free Spirit" and "Backstage Passes" which reveal her past relations with David. She is also well known for her frequent talk show appearances - always with the same complaints. However, in the past, she was always admired as Mrs. Outrageous - and in a way, she still is.

Marc Bolan, of band T. Rex was one of Bowie's 'rivals' in the seventies [professionally].  The band [T. Rex] first made it big with "Bang a Gong".  Promoting 'glam rock' images, Bowie was inspired and encouraged by the fact that if Bolan could make it, so could he.
In the late seventies, Bowie and Bolan would perform on the last
Marc television show.  It would be a long while since they last performed together, which was during "The Prettiest Star" sessions.

Soon enough after their last performance, Bolan was killed in a car accident.  Bowie attended the funeral which took place on September 20th of that year.

"She had never met anyone so taken care of. His staff seemed to wash, feed and dress him. He was also unlike any of the rock-and-rollers that she knew. He liked to help her do her hair and makeup. He told her how beautiful she was and gave her practical advice about how to be even more beautiful.." - Stardust; Henry Edwards, Tony Zanetta
Bebe Buell was a one-time companion of David's. They became close for a period of time, however, alike many others who had come into touch with David, they moved on to others.
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David and Angela first noticed Buretti at the Sombrero in London.  He was a very stylish young man with ambition to become a great fashion designer.  He was a nineteen year old student at the time he first met David.  David was fascinated by his stylish efforts and offered to manufacture his image.  Buretti would later work with David to produce the marvelous Ziggy garb he wore on and off stage, with the exception of the many Japanese influenced wardrobe, which gives credit to Bowie's other designer, Kansai Yamato.


Introduced to David by Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music, she became the mistress of ceremonies at the 1980 Floor Show.  Ava was an aspiring black singer and David wished to help her out with promotions and encouragement. David and Ava had a mutual relationship, as "Can You Hear Me" on Young Americans was written for her. Ava lived with David in the mid-70s, despite his marriage [he was often separated from Angie for business and travelling reasons, also because she could not behave herself when they went on tour] (in his Los Angeles flat) and really had to 'put up' with many of his drug habits and his awful disposition at that time.

Cherry was one of the key and main figures within the MainMan industry. MainMan had taken Bowie's earlier releases like The Man Who Sold The World, and re-released them with better promotion for his talent. She was a good friend of Angie's and became a fair associate for David himself within the company. Her and Angie were sort of 'rivals' in a sense that they were both competing to be the most outrageous of the bunch. Cherry, alike the other members of the staff, greatly admired David.


David's leading lady in The Man Who Fell to Earth. She had not starred in anything important before that, but landed a role later on in American Graffiti.  She first met David when Nicolas Roeg brought her over to his home to get acquainted. Although there have been many [or just a few] early stories about the two of them, David and Candy did not seem to have any later contact. According to Angie, they might have had extremely close relations to that time, however, that's somewhat exactly what she states about every person David met in her presence. (Photo retrieved from:

After David was completely fed up with the antics and failure of planning by Ken Pitt to make him a big star in either music, films, mime or television, a meeting was arranged with producer, Tony Defries.
Bowie was very nervous at the first meeting, but was soon happy to hear his offer.  Defries would discard Pitt's "long-term view" and retrieve Bowie's albums from Mercury records right away.  He would also allow David to have the control he wanted in order to find success. Bowie was excited about this change in a way, and his stardom soon soared as soon as he had the opportunity to do most things for himself in the business, away from the strains and controlling of former manager, Ken Pitt.

(The 60s)
Hermione was a ballet dancer who studied at Lindsay Kemp's school.  Having classes at Kemp's school as well, David and Hermione formed a relationship in the late sixties and broke up shortly afterwards.   Hermione appeared in David's promotional video for Love You Till Tuesday. She had also appeared with fellow artist, musician and friend John Hutchinson in Bowie's dance/musical group, The Feathers. Hermione recognized the many failures David had to put up with.  She probably did not think that David really had as much talent as he did. David states that Hermione had broken up with him after meeting another male dancer. David wrote Letter To Hermione on the album "Space Oddity" for her, as she remained in his mind until a while after he had met Angie.

Occasionally meeting at such events as parties, concerts and get-togethers, David and Mick would form a mutual friendship as fellow musicians, which would result in some hardships.  For instance, the controversy of David's relations with Bianca Jagger, and Mick's relations with Angie caused a few disputes throughout the media and their own personal lives.  Not to mention the classic story, of which everybody seems to recall about Mick and David . . . Which there is definitely no evidence for. David and Mick later went on into something called the eighties, to perform a duet, Dancing In The Street.

David moved in with Mr. Pitt in the sixties, as he was a struggling musician trying to find work.  Ken attempted in many many ways to find him a job. He sent him out to screen tests for movies, auditions for plays and tried to find different ways in which to promote his music and new singles. None of these things seemed to help, Bowie recalls. Pitt would be fed up with anyone else who came in contact with Bowie - including Angie and Defries.  Pitt had a "long-term view" of David's career, but nothing he ever planned had good results. Tony Defries explained to David that he should have control.  Ever since, David has never had a big manager by his side, as he takes control himself.

The 60s
Lindsay Kemp was a mime teacher and performer, who managed his own school and taught minors the essence of ballet and performing arts, including mime. 
During performances, Kemp would play David's records as assistance to his performance.  David soon found out that this dancer was playing his records. He became interested in his fan and was determined to meet him. They quickly became good friends and they also made a deal:  Kemp would give him free ballet and mime classes if David would compose songs for the performances. David later became the character of the "cloud" in his performances and did provide accompanying music for the shows.

David's close, controlling and overprotective companion - and has been for the longest while. She arranged everything for him, and he followed mostly everything she said back then. Even when Coco advised him to live in a deserted flat with rattle snakes and a haunted essence, he agreed, and according to Angie, it was devastating.
David would write "Never Let Me Down" (1987) for Coco and they are still friends to this day, as she remains to assist him with his professional life.

Tony Visconti studied classical guitar and went to a high school for the musically talented. 
He began to work with David when David Platz encouraged a meeting, and provided Tony with all the advantages of working with him.
David now had a producer and a long time associate. Visconti produced many great Bowie albums of the 70s until Bowie had either joined forces with another partner or decided he wanted to try producing his own album (one experience with producing was Diamond Dogs).
Visit Tony Visconti Productions online.

The lead guitarist in the Spiders From Mars. He brought Bowie's songs to life and added more enthusiastic approaches to entertaining on stage during the Ziggy tour. Mick and the band did not feel that they should dress up in glitter and glam, even for a show, until Bowie lectured and explained that they should be different in any and every way in order to win their public and fans. They agreed, of course, and looked fabulous.