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the manish boys 1979

Manish Boys

1. I Pity Te Fool
2. Take My Tip

Davy Jones and the Lower Third

3. You've Got A Habit Of Leaving
4. Baby Loves That Way

B7C Review

Features the more 'rare' early tunes from two of his early bands.


Produced by Shel Talmy


David Jones [vocals, sax]
John Edward [guitar]
Jimmy Page [guitar]
Dennis Taylor [guitar]
Bob Solly [keyboards]
John Whitehead [drums]
Phil Lancaster [drums]
Wilf Bryne [sax]
Paul Rodriguez [sax]
John Watson [bass]
Graham Rivens [bass]

Release Information
Released in 1979.     |     EMI SEA 1
Re-released in October of 1982: CYM 1   |   Rereleased once again in 1990 on CD.