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b o w i e 7 0 s c h r o n i c l e

Late 70s

David's image nonetheless looked quite similar within these few years.  A slight change in appearance was common from time to time, but he managed to maintain a 'less glamorous' appeal, that is, compared to his earlier years in the decade...

Getting Cleaned Out
Bowie's problems [most of them] from L.A. would soon vanish, as he took initiative with friend Iggy Pop, and travelled to the East, specifically such places as Russia and Germany.
Bowie would move in a small place above a shop in Berlin - a place that he recalls being valuable to him in many memorable ways. He said he should dare not go up there again, for he would want to move right back in there. Nostalgic person, like me. ;)
They later collaborated on some of Iggy's work, and Bowie appeared on tour with Iggy in 1977, playing keyboards, as they appeared on the Dinah Shore show one time...

He came out with a new album, well, three more albums to be exact, and a live album as well…and each one was done with Brain Eno by his side, in order to add an instrumental effect…
Low, for starters, consisted of many instrumental tracks, and also reflected on modern sounds for the time period. It was one of the most different sounding albums of that time, and to this day, Bowie seems to be fond of it the most.
"Heroes" brought us the famous title track, 'Heroes', which was a great masterpiece, despite those awful covers of today's bands, ugh… anyhow, it was also partially instrumental and was extremely influenced by Berlin and Bowie's staying there at the time.
When Lodger came, big changes came for the future. Lodger was not instrumental, but it did have some likable tunes like 'Boys Keep Swinging' and 'Look Back In Anger'.

His hair was becoming less glamorous, the glitter of Ziggy had almost completely faded, and the seventies were just about over.
On New Year's Eve 1979, Bowie appeared on television about three times simultaneously, and he said goodbye to the decade that made him who he was.
He was all set, he thought, to conquer yet another group of fans, another generation, another decade of music and changes and another David Bowie….