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b o w i e 7 0 s c h r o n i c l e

Hallowe'en Jack & the Diamond Dogs

Halloween Jack appeared right after Ziggy. Obviously, Bowie did not have to go through much trouble thinking of a new hair style or wardrobe for his new act and music style for his new album - Diamond Dogs.

It was sad, as Ziggy left. It was time, yet again, for change. In 1974, Bowie sat down to write Diamond Dogs - a great album to [many] fans, if not to all of them. Such hits as 'Rebel Rebel' and the title track, 'Diamond Dogs' were successfully promoted, and the new image for the new album was defined.

The only thing missing from David now was the glitter, and his right eye [take a look at the patch covering it]. His eye was still there, though….you know….

Anyhow, he took on the music industry with yet another set of tunes and a brand new tour…..

The Tour
The Diamond Dogs tour was not exactly David's idea of the best tour he ever promoted.
For instance, he was full of *tension*, as he examines his own actions, and especially his voice, while listening to the
David Live tracks.
One of the reasons for this anxiety was the drugs. During the latter part, and on into 1976, Bowie was living in Los Angeles, in a 'haunted' flat. [email me for the story]. He began his heavy obsession with cocaine, and became manic, almost schizophrenic as most associates and acquaintances can recall.
His outings with friends were outrageously strange, but that only made David's life as a rock n roll star more interesting.

The Album
The album cover reflected these factors mentioned above, and just by listening to such tracks as 'Sweet Thing' and 'We Are The Dead', you can easily observe the obscurity of its nature.
While writing the album, David used the 'cut up' technique. One of the main songs he wrote with this theory was the 'Sweet Thing' medley, which included the song 'Sweet Thing', 'Candidate' [the demo version sounds 100% better], and a 'Sweet Thing Reprise'.

The Haircut
In a matter of months after Ziggy's departure, David took the changing position once again, and cut his hair short. A length that was longer than his top neck brow, but shorter than his shoulders. As you can see in this photo sequence, the lovely, red hair of Ziggy Stardust turned into the sawdust *ho-hum* I mean tension of Diamond Dogs and the upcoming tour.

To the left is a more glamorous shot of Bowie during touring schedules. His classic moment at the Tower Philadelphia was remembered with David Live, and Diamond Dogs remains quite special, and especially famous due to 'Rebel Rebel', the album cover impression, and Bowie's change in image and sound.