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b o w i e 7 0 s c h r o n i c l e

'Lauren Bacall' & Space Oddity

"Bowie had made an album for Deram and a couple of singles for Pye, but it wasn't until late 1969 that he emerged with his first big hit.  This was 'Space Oddity', which appeared on the Mercury label in the wake of 2001 and the first moonshot." - Joseph Stevens, The Story of Pop, 1974

His early start with releasing 'Space Oddity', and then 'The Man Who Sold The World' did not bring much success.
David's look at the time was long hair, first it was permed, and then straightened in time for his 'man's dress' appearance……...

History of "the Dress"
David first tried the dress on when shopping with Angie. There was a 'unique' men's clothing store where they sold various items for men, including….dresses.
Passing by one time, they were captivated by the site of this controversial and eccentric piece of clothing.
Since they were looking for an outrageous new image for David to promote not only his personality, but his career as well, this dress seemed like a promotional object.
David did not intend to promote that he was 'gay', if so. He only wished to create a distinctive image for himself so that others would be astonished, and he would get the attention he deserved.
She encouraged him to try one on as he would look 'brilliant' in one of them. Of course, David experimented and looked fabulous in the dress - the 'man's dress', which made everything less controversial for him to deal with.