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     In 1970, Bowie introduced his own band Hype, and released a few singles, as well as promotional attitudes for his single "Space Oddity", as well as his album [which was re-titled "Space Oddity" in the near future]. He made a couple of small, promotional appearances on the radio, and also performed with good friend and mime at the time, Lindsay Kemp.
On March 20th, Bowie married Angie. This year, Bowie was very eager to get some attention for his music. He wanted to be a star. He was going to be a star. Another small year for promotion, Bowie laid back and appeared on only a single radio performance, a television show [wearing his famous dress at the time], and did a show.

     There wasn't exactly a specific tour that Bowie had engaged upon during this period, yet, there were many small performances, concerts, events, radio plays, presentations and broadcastings between 1970 and 1971. Actually, he was supposed to tour the US to promote
The Man Who Sold the World, but, he was forbidden to perform! (He still managed a few events here and there). Here are most of the more 'important' or most recognized appearances:

January 29; David performs 'London Bye Ta Ta' and performs a dance routine with wife-to-be [at the time] Angie and Lindsay Kemp on Grampian TV's "Cairrgorm Ski Night".

February 3;
David has his last gig with Junior's Eyes and is introduced to Mock Ronson after the show.

February 5; On BBC Radio One's 'The Sunday Show', David performs 12 songs with his band the Hype (which was Mick Ronson [guitar], Tony Visconti [bass] and John Cambridge [drums]).

February 28;
The Hype are introduced as Bowie's new electric group and they support the Tide.

March 19;
This was not only a stage event at Beckenham?, [The Three Tuns], but it was also Bowie's stag night.

April 6;
The Hype performs 'Waiting For The Man', 'Width Of A Circle' and 'Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud' in "Sounds Of The Seventies", BBC Radio One's 'The Andy Ferris Show'.

May 11;
In "Sounds Of The Seventies", 'The Dave Symonds Show' on BBC Radio One, the Hype perform 'The Wilde Eyed Boy Form Freecloud and an earlier version of 'Width of a Circle'.


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January 20;
Wearing a dress on Granada TV, David performs his latest single at the time, 'Holy Holy'.

June 5; David and the following people perform a nine song set on BBC Radio One's "In Concert" programme: Mick Ronson, Mick Woodmansey, Trevor Bolder, Mark Carr Pritchard, Dana Gillespie and Geoffrey Alexander. This material can be found on the "Ziggy 2" bootleg.

June 20;
David gives a solo performance.

September 25;
Show at Borough Assembly Rooms in Aylesbury. A film was taken of this show, but unfortunately was lost!!

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     These years were probably the busiest for Bowie during the seventies. The Ziggy Tour would last forever, and the radio appearances would increase each month. The Ziggy era had swept the nation, as Bowie's incredible image attracted the media like never before. One particular highlight from 1973 was the 1980 Floor Show, which was broadcast on November 16th, 1973 by NBC.
     Bowie was engaged in a number of BBC Radio performances, which included some special guests, as well as solo performances, for some of his recent hits, including 'Starman' and also some of the songs from album "Hunky Dory". On July 8th, Lou Reed joined David at the Royal Festival Hall in London for a performance with the Spiders.


January 11; 
Performs Hang Onto Yourself, Ziggy Stardust, The Supermen, Queen Bitch, Five Years and Waiting For the Man on BBC Radio One's Sounds of the Seventies.

February 8;
On BBC 2's Old Grey Whistle Test, David and band perform Queen Bitch, Oh! You Pretty Things and Five Years

April 14; 
David performs Starman on ITV's Lift Off With Ayshea.

April 30;
Guildford, Civic Hall: David joins Mott the Hoople onstage for an encore - All the Young Dudes.

May 6;
Kingston Polytechnic: Tony Defries invites journalists to this gig, recorded and appeared on a lot of bootlegs.

May 9;
On BBC Radio 1's Sounds of the Seventies, David performs yet another round up of songs.

May 16;
On BBC Radio One's Top Gear the new spiders and ziggy perform a few songs from the Ziggy album.

May 9;
On BBC Radio One's Sounds of the Seventies David performs Ziggy Stardust, Five Years, Queen Bitch, Hang Onto Yourself, Suffragette City, Moonage Daydream, Waiting for the Man, Andy Warhol, Lady Starust, White Light/White Heat, The Superman, and Rock n Roll Suicide.

May 16;
On BBC Radio One's Top Gear David and the Spiders perform Ziggy Stardust, Hang Onto Yourself, Suffragette City, White Light/White Heat and Moonage Daydream.

STAGE Performances

February 10
London, Tolworth, Tobyjug: Opening date of Ziggy Stardust tour.

July 8
London, Royal Festival Hall: Lou Reed joins Bowie and the Spiders for White Light/White Heat, Sweet Jane and Waiting for the Man.

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January 17; David is interviewed on Russell Harty Plus and performs My Death and Drive in Saturday.
October 18-20; At the London, Marquee Club, the NBC TV The 1980 Floor Show is filmed (featuring Mick Ronson and Trevor Bolder with David for the last time). Marianne Faithful appears onstage for one song, I Got You Babe.
The show has been shown many times in the US but never in the UK. Information has it that the show had been heavily edited for the US, but never shown in Britain.
November 16; The 1980 Floor Show is broadcasted by NBC….or was it??
(I wrote to NBC to confirm the rights for the 1980 Floor Show's distribution and they sent me
this little note…..)

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     The death of Ziggy . . . This meant the birth of a new Bowie image.  Could Bowie survive his rapid change? Of course he could . . . For a while. "Diamond Dogs" came to life in 1974, and the tour lasted throughout '75, resulting in a live album entitled "David Live [from the Philadelphia Tower]."  David admits to never have listened to the album.
     One memorable moment was at the Grammy Awards ceremony at the Uris Theater in NY, where and when Bowie presented the award for Best Female Soul Singer to Aretha Franklin. Aretha Franklin made a remark when she won: "I'm so happy I could kiss David Bowie!"  Bowie admits that this was one of the only times he had ever been present at such an awards ceremony. This year, Bowie and Cher also get together, as performs on her show, and makes a couple of performances later on.


October; 'Ziggy Stardust Motion Picture' television premiere.

December 4; David is interviewed on NBC tv's Dick Cavett's Wide World of Entertainment and performs 1984, Young Americans & Footstompin'.

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January 26; Documentary Cracked Actor on BBc 2.

February 21; BBC 1's Top of the Pops shows live footage of Young Americans.

March 1,
New York, Uris Theater; At the Grammy Awards, David presents Aretha Franklin with award for Best Female Soul Singer (three minute presentation speech).

November 4;
David performs Fame and Golden Years on Soul Train.

November 23;
On The Cher Show David performs Can You Hear Me and Fame (and gets into a duet with Cher).

November 28;
On Russell Harty Plus David appears live via satellite from Burbank.

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Busy with the Man Who Fell to Earth, Bowie had only time to tour for album "Station to Station".

January 3;
David is interviewed on the Dinah Shore show, performs Stay and Five Years (and is shown practicing karate).

During '76, DB was obviously busy due to Man Who Fell to Earth priorities...

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… was the year in which Bowie toured with Iggy Pop as the keyboarder…
… re-united Bowie with Marc Bolan since eight long years …
… brought Bowie together with Bing Crosby to celebrate Christmas on his Merrie Old Christmas television show special …
… "Low" comes to life, after "Station to Station" and "The Man Who Fell to Earth" …


April 15; After a show form the tour at the Los Angeles Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, the band (from The Iggy Pop Tour) is interviewed on The Dinah Shore Show and perform Sister Midnight and Funtime.

September 28;
For the first time, David Bowie and Marc Bolan appear together for the first time in 8 years on Marc. (also the last time, due to Marc's death in less than a week after filming). David performed Heroes and joined Marc they had earlier co-wrote, Standing Next To You. See photo to left.

October 19;
David performs Heroes on Top of the Pops & appears on Italian TV's Odeon performing Heroes (unknown date in October).

December 24;
David appears on Bing Crosby's Merrie Olde Christmas performing Heroes and then joining Bing for Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy. [Bing died a few weeks after filming, unable to see the broadcast itself].

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     During these years, Bowie was living in Berlin.  Having the essence of Germany in his mind and body, he set out to create "Heroes", the album, which consisted of German qualities with a rare, avant-garde touch. Contributions for the albums
Low, "Heroes" and Lodger came from Brian Eno.  David would collaborate with him in order to create the effects that those albums had. This year also united him with Philip Glass.  Glass would convert Bowie's songs into instrumental masterpieces.


May 21; David and the band record an appearance on the Musikladen Extra show.

August 4;
On (German ZDF TV's) Musikladen, David performs Sense of Doubt, Heroes, Beauty and the Beast, Stay, Jean Genie, TVC 15, Alabama Song and Rebel Rebel.

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February 2; The Musikladen show is shown again in Germany.
April 23; David performs on ITV's The Kenny Everett Video Show (performs Boys Keep Swinging).
December 31; David appears on television three times.
October; David joins Philip Glass onstage in New York and perform 'Sabotage'.