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the music of bowie . . .

Bowie became a star when his first 'great' single, "Space Oddity" became a hit on the charts.  Although it had previously failed, it had made a triumphant return, and Bowie settled down to produce another record, besides his 1967 release of David Bowie.   The album would be titled, once again, David Bowie, then Man of Words, Man of Music, and finally Space Oddity. Bowie wasn't really off to a good start when he started out in the sixties.  His strive for artistic but he would soon earn his opportunities to become a great star, and would later produce his musical and artistic talents throughout the rest of his albums.
The album which most fans and rock 'n' rollers at the time remember the most was The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. Inevitably, Bowie's glam and creativity was enclosed in this album, and it remains one of  the greatest theme albums in rock history.
One of the most innovative periods of music in Bowie history, the 70s revealed Bowie's artistic and eccentric qualities in writing music and revealing its inner message on stage...