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young americans   1975

1. Young Americans
2. Win
3. Fascination
4. Right
5. Somebody Up There Likes Me
6. Across The Universe
7. Can You Hear Me
8. Fame
Bonus Tracks
9. Who Can I Be Now?
10. It's Gonna Be Me
11. John, I'm Only Dancing Again

B7C Review

One of Bowie's best - the 'plastic soul' sound is great to listen to.


Released in March of 1975, Young Americans was #2 in the UK and marked yet another new change in direction for Bowie. Turning towards the wave of soul and disco, Bowie called this album 'plastic soul'. Young Americans was noticed as Bowie's attempt to "cement myself over here" (in America) with a hit album.
The sound of 'Young Americans' and 'Fame' gave his fans an idea of where he would be going, musically, from then on.
A contribution from John Lennon pursued Bowie to such an extent that he threw off a couple of tracks (which are now bonus tracks on the ryko re-issue) in order to work with Lennon on 'Across the Universe' and 'Fame'.

Who Can I Be Now?
This song was supposed to be on 'Young Americans' LP. It was dropped later, supposedly due to upcoming collaborations with John Lennon that would require record space for additional numbers. This song was recorded in 1974 and was never released.
It's Gonna Be Me
This song was first performed in a concert at the Los Angeles Forum on September 2nd, 1974. This song was also dropped form the record along with 'Who Can I Be Now?'. [Recorded 1974; previously unreleased].
John, I'm Only Dancing Again
This was recorded for a single (A-side) in 1974 and was the third version of the 'John I'm Only Dancing' series of songs. See 'John I'm Only Dancing' on the 'Ziggy Stardust' LP for more information.

David Bowie [vocals, guitar and piano]
Carlos Alomar [guitar]
Mike Garson [guitar]
David Sanborn [sax]
Willie Weeks [bass]
Andy Newmark [drums]
Larry Washington [conga]
Pablo Rosario [percussion]
Ava Cherry, Robin Clark and Luther Vandross [backing vocals]
Other Musician Contributions from:
Ron Wood [guitar]
Bruce Springsteen [backing vocals]
(Bruce's contributions were not released.)

RCA APLI 1006 (UK) RCA APLI 0998 (USA)
Re-released on Rkydisc CD: RCD 10140