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pin ups   1973

1. Rosalyn
2. Here Comes The Night
3. I Wish You Would
4. See Emily Play
5. Everything's Alright
6. I Can't Explain
7. Friday On My Mind
8. Sorrow
9. Don't Bring Me Down
10. Shapes Of Things
11. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
12. Where Have All The Good Times Gone
Bonus Tracks
13. Growin' Up
14. Port Of Amsterdam

B7C Review

Under pressure to release something, Bowie settled for a quick and easy cover album, covering some great tunes from the 60s.


UK Chart: 1 US Chart: 23
Not quite finished with Ziggy Stardust, Bowie's new project and ideas with 'Pin Ups' brought the band together again for more recording - this time of some great covers, of which Bowie does a marvelous job with appraising.
This album was the last album in which the original Spiders band would play together. The album was a pressured project from RCA, so, Bowie decided that it would be best to hurry things up by working on a project like this, since it wouldn't be quite as difficult as writing new material.
Super-model Twiggy's appearance on the cover makes it an even more adorable classic album cover. (Well, actually - it's just Bowie that makes it adorable and interesting.)
'Pin Ups' featured such great Bowie sounds as 'Sorrow' - which is a favorite for some fans, and, the re-release on Rykodisc featured 'Amsterdam' (as written 'Port Of Amsterdam') which was another Jacques Brel tune, as was 'My Death' (with very similar acoustic-sounds). This album was produced by David Bowie himself alone and was released in October of 1973.

Originally composed in French by Jacques Brel. Bowie used this song on stage in 1971 and 1973 and recorded it for the B-side of the 'Sorrow' single. He also appraised another Brel hit, "My Death" during his tour.
Growin' Up
Originally composed by Bruce Springsteen, this track was recorded during the Pin Ups sessions but never quite made the album listing.

David Bowie [vocals, guitar and sax]
Mick Ronson [guitar, piano and vocals]
Trevor Bolder [bass]
Aynsley Dunbar [drums]
Mike Garson [piano]
Ken Fordham [sax]
G A MacCormack [backing vocals]

RCA RS 1003 (UK) RCA 0291 (US)
Re-released on Rykodisc CD:
RCD 10136