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lodger   1979

1. Fantastic Voyage
2. African Night Flight
3. Move On
4. Yassassin
5. Red Sails
6. D.J.
7. Look Back In Anger
8. Boys Keep Swinging
9. Repetition
10. Red Money
Bonus Tracks
11. I Pray Ole
12. Look Back In Anger [1988]

B7C Review

Less avant-garde, with more synthesizers.


Released May 1979. Produced by David Bowie and Tony Visconti.
The last of the Eno trilogy and Bowie's last album of the decade. He ended off the 70s with yet another new image and sound, but most importantly, he was going to start off the next decade as a personally more different individual. In the near future, he would spend more time with his son and embark on more films, rather than more music. Although the next decade of Bowie's career may not have been musically pleasing or entertaining, it was still very psychologically pleasing for Bowie. For instance, if Bowie had not taken some time to reflect more often on his life, famliy and future and move on from his past, his stage character and false persona would take over quite easily, luring Bowie into a position where he might have been more insane than he might have ever considered being - especially since his family tree carried mental illness recollections throughotu the years, which, Bowie was completely aware of, and, in the late 70s has explained that he was afraid to lose his mind on account of either inheritance or just plain looseness on his thoughts.
Lodger, by far, was a very nice album, with promo videos for Look Back In Anger, DJ and Boys Keep Swinging. Bowie's look was still glamourous but with less glitter and sparkles. Perhaps, this change might not have been as obscure or captivating as other changes
in his character-profile life, but it was still entertaining all of his fans, who remained with Bowie for the past decade.
As Lodger was released, by the end of the year, Bowie said goodbye to the decade that brought out his stardom and musical career, the years that most older fans will remember the most, and the music that we will cherish forever.

I Pray Olé
Another unreleased track which was recorded in 1979.
Drums: Dennis Davis; Bass: George Murray; Guitar: Bowie; Vocal: Bowie; Synthesizer: Brian Eno; Mixed by David Bowie & David Richards in 1991.
Look Back In Anger [remix]
A new remixed version which was mixed and recorded in 1988.
Drums & Bass: Erdal Kizilcay; Guitar: Reeves Gabrels; Vocal: Bowie; Mixed by David Bowie and David Richards in 1988.

David Bowie [vocals, piano, synthesizer and guitar]
Tony Visconti [guitar, mandolin, bass and backing vocals]
Simon House [mandolin, violin and vocals]
Adrain Belew [mandolin and guitar]
Sean Mayes [piano]
Brian Eno [misc.]
George Murray [bass and vocals]
Dennis Davis [drums, percussion, vocals and bass]
Carlos Alomar [guitar, vocals and drums]
Stan Harrison [sax]
Roger Powell [synthesizer]

*All songs composed by Bowie alone except for 'Fantastic Voyage', 'African NIght Flight', 'Red Sails', 'Look Back In Anger', and 'Boys Keep Swinging' which were composed by both Bowie and Brian Eno, as well as 'DJ', which was composed by Bowie, Eno & Alomar, and 'Red Money', composed by Bowie and Alomar.


RCA BOWLP 1 (UK) RCA 13254 (US)
Re-released on Rykodisc CD: