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low   1977

1. Speed Of Life
2. Breaking Glass
3. What In The World
4. Sound & Vision
5. Always Crashing In The Same Car
6. Be My Wife
7. A New Career In A New Town
8. Warszawa
9. Art Decade
10. Weeping Wall
11. Subterraneans
Bonus Tracks
12. Some Are
13. All Saints
14. Sound & Vision [remix]

B7C Review

Bowie once said that 'Low' was one of his faves from the 70s. First 'instrumental' influence.


When this album was released in January 1977, Bowie was recognized to have gone where no other artist had ever dared to go. His musical escapades and routes were b coming very obscure, but nevertheless, the most interesting of their kind. 'Low' was #2 on the UK charts and featured a marvelously crafted track, 'Sound and Vision' as well as others of which he performed often in future tours.
Some musical contributions on this album include Tony Visconti's wife, Mary [backing vocals on Sound & Vision] and Iggy Pop with occasional vocal contributions.
His first major collaboration with Brian Eno, the music on the album had an instrumental essence to it and a quite different view.
Some of the music on this album was also inspired by Bowie's visit to Germany, where he had stayed for a while. Although certain off-stage incidents occurred, for instance, his fixation with the Nazi organization, had pursued fans and critics to change views, and it
had also reflected on Bowie as 'abusing' his music career of stardom.

Some Are / All Saints
These songs were both recorded between 1976-1979. 'Some Are' was mixed by David Bowie and David Richards in 1991 and 'All Saints' was mixed by Justin Shirley Smith in 1991.
Sound And Vision [remix]
Remixed version, 1991
Carlos Alomar: Rythm Guitar; David Bowie: Vocal, synthetic strings, ambient sounds, saxophones; Dennis Davis: Percussion; Eno: Vocals; Ricky Gardener: Guitars; George Murray: Bass; Mary Visconti: Vocals [backing]; Roy Young: Piano; Mixed by David Richards, 1991


David Bowie [ARP, horn, brass, vocals, sax, tapes, bass, harmonica, piano, guitar, etc.]
Carlos Alomar [guitar]
Roy Young [piano]
George Murray [bass]
Dennis Davis [drums]
Ricky Gardener [guitar]
Iggy Pop [vocals]
Mary Visconti [bacing vocals]
Brian Eno [vocals, keyboards, synthesizers, etc.]
Eduard Meyer [cello]
Peter and Paul [pianos]

RCA PL 12030 (UK/USA)
Re-release on Rkyodisc CD:
RCD 10142