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hunky dory   1971

1. Changes
2. Oh! You Pretty Things
3. Eight Line Poem
4. Life On Mars?
5. Kooks
6. Quicksand
7. Fill Your Heart
8. Andy Warhol
9. Song For Bob Dylan
10. Queen Bitch
11. The Bewlay Brothers
Bonus Tracks
12. Bombers
13. The Supermen
14. Quicksand
15. The Bewlay Brothers

B7C Review

A classic Bowie album. Its sound is still appreciated today.


Released in December of 1971, 'Hunky Dory' hit the charts at #3 [122 weeks] in the UK and marked a productive music career for Bowie - especially since 1971 had been quite a busy time for him: his new born son, Zowie, to notice, and a plan for his next album, which is considered a Bowie classic.
The album consisted of all Bowie-composed songs, except for 'Fill Your Heart', which was composed by Biff Rose and Paul Williams.
Produced by Ken Scott, 'Hunky Dory' was considered a new start, but that was until 'The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust' had been developed the next year. Perhaps 'Hunky Dory' was the last 'innocent-driven' album with a young, soft Bowie sound to it.

(1971) The sifrst version (of two) of this song was released on a promotional US single. The difference b tween the two versions was that version number one faded after the first verse and the second version just continued. This song was actually planned to be on the Hunky Dory LP in place of 'Fill Your Heart', but it obviously was not set.
The Supermen
(1971) This song was originally released on The Man Who Sold The World LP. A second version (this bonus track) was cut at Trident Studios for the 'Glastonbury Revelation' - which was a compilation album.
(1971) This bonus track was added in as a demo version recorded in 1971.
The Bewlay Brothers
The alternate mix of the original version originally released on 'Hunky Dory' LP.

David Bowie (vocals, guitar, sax and piano)
Mick Ronson (guitar)
Rick Wakeman (piano)
Trevor Bolder (bass)

RCA SF 8244 (UK) RCA LSP 4623 (US)
Re-releasedon Rykodisc CD: RCD 10133