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"heroes"   1978

1. Beauty And The Beast
2. Joe The Lion
3. "Heroes"
4. Sons Of The Silent Age
5. Blackout
6. V-2 Schneider
7. Sense Of Doubt
8. Moss Garden
9. Neukoln
10. The Secret Life Of Arabia
Bonus Tracks
11. Abdulmajid
12. Joe The Lion [remix]

B7C Review

Highest spot is the title track, rest is synthesized and slow...


Released in October 1977. Produced by David Bowie and Tony Visconti.  The German release of Heroes featured the half German/English title track entitled 'Helden' and the French release included a french title track. Once again, a collaboration with Brian Eno, 'Heroes' was a masterpiece itself, the title track alone was a great song, with everything a great song coudl ever need - great background music with superb vocals on Bowie's part [as in every other song he sings].
The cover of 'Heroes' was considered from a Bowie-point-of-view, avant-garde. Continuing his German influences as noticed in 'Low', 'Heroes' was coming from the same tree, but a different branch, as he was influenced by his surroundings while living in Berlin at the time.
The instrumental songs on this album were very obscure and resembled the type of method that Bowie was sure of proceeding through, musically, unlike any other artist int he late 70s.

This was another unreleased track which was recorded between 1976 and 1979. (Bowie/Eno)
Joe The Lion
(Bowie) The remixed version of the original version on the "Heroes" LP, which was remixed in 1991.

David Bowie [vocals, guitar, synthesizer, koto and sax]
Robert Fripp [guitar]
Brain Eno [synthesizer, keyboards and treatments]
Carlos Alomar [guitar]
George Murray [bass]
Dennis Davis [drums]
Tony Visconti and Antonia Maass [backing vocals]

*All songs composed by David Bowie alone except for 'Heroes', 'Moss Garden' and 'Neukoln', which were composed by Bowie and Eno, as well as 'Secret Life of Arabia' which was composed by Bowie, Eno and Alomar.

RCA PL 12522 (UK) RCA 2522 (US)
Re-release on Rykodisc CD:
RCD 10143