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diamond dogs   1974

1. Future Legend
2. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered 2. Diamond Dogs
3. Sweet Thing
4. Candidate
5. Sweet Things [reprise]
6. Rebel Rebel
7. Rock 'N Roll With Me
8. We Are The Dead
9. 1984
10. Big Brother
11. Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family
Bonus Tracks
12. Dodo
13. Candidate [demo version]

B7C Review

This was an eccentric Bowie album, which deserves more credit than it got.


"Goodbye Ziggy…" Diamond Dogs was Bowie's post-retirement work, after letting the Spiders From Mars go. Released in April of 1974, Diamond Dogs was actually an extremely interesting album, consisting of the playful 'Rebel Rebel' and '1984', not to mention the 'suite' of 'Sweet Thing' and a rather obscure and scary (but really good and interesting) songs like 'We Are The Dead' and on the Rykodisc re-issue, a marvelous bonus track, 'Candidate' [demo version] - which is absolutely great.
It was #1 on the UK charts upon release. Produced by Bowie, this album was a creative masterpiece, and changed the views and opinions of a lot of critics and fans, and allowed them to embark, also, on Bowie's new solo career - which was fantastically developing to be a quite interesting one.

This song was planned to be included in the 1980 stageshow and the studio recording of the song was Mick Ronson's last
collaborations with Bowie for a long time.
Candidate [demo version]
The original version segued with 'Sweet Thing' on 'Diamond Dogs' LP was so much different from this demo version recorded in 1973.

David Bowie [vocals, guitar, sax and keyboards]
Mike Garson [piano]
Alan Parker [guitar - '1984 only]
Herbie Flowers [bass]
Tony Newman [drums]
Anysley Dunbar [drums]
Tony Visconti [strings]

April 1974
Re-released on Rykodisc CD:
RCD 10137