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bbc sessions sampler   1969 - 1972

1. Hang Onto Yourself [1972]
2.  Ziggy Stardust [1972]
3.  Space Oddity [1972]
4.  Andy Warhol [1971]
5.  Waiting for the Man [1970]
6.  Interview with Brian Matthew [1969]
7.  Let Me Sleep Beside You
(edited version) [1969]

B7C Review

A selection of rare and good performances from the BBC sessions. Very raw & edgy sound to it.

This compact disc release includes a few performances recorded on BBC radio from the early seventies.
It includes descriptive information about each song's performance and is basically just a sampler of the many songs Bowie had actually performed on air in the past.

David Bowie [vocals]
Mick Ronson
Trevor Bolder
Mick 'Woody' Woodmansey
Tony Visconti
'The Hype'
Tim Renwick
John Lodge
John Cambridge
Graham Kelly

(The musicians depend on the year and performance.) Songs written by David Bowie.

Released by arrangement with BBC Worldwide Music
1996   nmcd0072  [Compact Disc]