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aladdin sane   1973

1. Watch That Man
2. Aladdin Sane
3. Drive In Saturday
4. Panic In Detroit
5. Cracked Actor
6. Time
7. Prettiest Star
8. Let's Spend The Night Together
9. The Jean Genie
10. Lady Grinning Soul

B7C Review

'Ziggy goes to America' - written during the Ziggy era, Aladdin Sane is a sure thing. With excellent songs from beginning to end.


On the charts at #1 in the UK, Aladdin Sane was a certified 'Bowie glam-rock' album, now that Ziggy had been proclaimed, the Aladdin Sane character had developed the recognition as 'Ziggy goes to America'. The album was released in April of 1973, while Bowie was still touring with the band in Japan. The remainder of his Ziggy Stardust tour consisted of the Aladdin Sane songs and some interesting costumes, influenced by Bowie's travelling throughout the past few months.
Produced by David Bowie, 'Aladdin Sane' is in a position where it is recognized today as one of David's finest creations.

On the re-issue of this album, no bonus tracks were included.

David Bowie [vocals, guitar, harmonica, sax]
Mick Ronson [guitar, piano and vocals]
Trevor Bolder [bass]
Mick Woodmansey [drums]
Ken Fordham [sax]
Mike Garson [piano]
Juanita Franklin, Linda Lewis and G A MacCormack [backing vocals]

*All songs composed by David Bowie except for 'Let's Spend The Night Together', which was composed originally by Mick Jagger/Keith Richards.

RCA RS 1001 (UK) RCA AFLI 4852 (USA)
Rykodisc re-release:
RCD 10135