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b o w i e 7 0 s c h r o n i c l e

1970/1971   |   1972/1973   |   1974/1975   |   1976/1977   |   1978/1979

During these years, Bowie was living in Berlin.  Having the essence of Germany in his mind and body, he set out to create "Heroes", the album, which consisted of German qualities with a rare, avant-garde touch.
Contributions for the albums
Low, "Heroes" and Lodger came from Brian Eno.  David would collaborate with him in order to create the effects that those albums had.
This year also united him with Philip Glass.  Glass would convert Bowie's songs into instrumental masterpieces.


May 21; David and the band record an appearance on the Musikladen Extra show.
August 4; On (German ZDF TV's) Musikladen, David performs Sense of Doubt, Heroes, Beauty and the Beast, Stay, Jean Genie, TVC 15, Alabama Song and Rebel Rebel.


February 2; The Musikladen show is shown again in Germany.
April 23; David performs on ITV's The Kenny Everett Video Show (performs Boys Keep Swinging).
December 31; David appears on television three times.

October; David joins Philip Glass onstage in New York and perform 'Sabotage'.