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b o w i e 7 0 s c h r o n i c l e

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The death of Ziggy . . .
This meant the birth of a new Bowie image.  Could Bowie survive his rapid change?
Of course he could . . . For a while.
"Diamond Dogs" came to life in 1974, and the tour lasted throughout '75, resulting in a live album entitled "David Live [from the Philadelphia Tower]."  David admits to never have listened to the album.
One memorable moment was at the Grammy Awards ceremony at the Uris Theater in NY, where and when Bowie presented the award for Best Female Soul Singer to Aretha Franklin.  Bowie admits that this was one of the only times he had ever been present at such an awards ceremony.
This year, Bowie and Cher also get together, as performs on her show, and makes a couple of performances later on.


October; 'Ziggy Stardust Motion Picture' television premiere.
December 4; David is interviewed on NBC tv's Dick Cavett's Wide World of Entertainment and performs 1984, Young Americans & Footstompin'.


January 26; Documentary Cracked Actor on BBc 2.
February 21; BBC 1's Top of the Pops shows live footage of Young Americans.
March 1, New York, Uris Theater; At the Grammy Awards, David presents Aretha Franklin with award for Best Female Soul Singer (three minute presentation speech).
November 4; David performs Fame and Golden Years on Soul Train.
November 23; On The Cher Show David performs Can You Hear Me and Fame (and gets into a duet with Cher).
November 28; On Russell Harty Plus David appears live via satellite from Burbank.