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b o w i e 7 0 s c h r o n i c l e

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These years were probably the busiest for Bowie during the seventies.
The Ziggy Tour would last forever, and the radio appearances would increase each month.
The Ziggy era had swept the nation, as Bowie's incredible image attracted the media like never before.
One particular highlight from 1973 was the
1980 Floor Show, which was broadcast on November 16th, 1973 by NBC.
Bowie was engaged in a number of BBC Radio performances, which included some special guests, as well as solo performances, for some of his recent hits, including 'Starman' and also some of the songs from album "Hunky Dory".
On July 8th, Lou Reed joined David at the Royal Festival Hall in London for a performance with the Spiders.


January 11;  Performs Hang Onto Yourself, Ziggy Stardust, The Supermen, Queen Bitch, Five Years and Waiting For the Man on BBC Radio One's Sounds of the Seventies.
February 8; On BBC 2's Old Grey Whistle Test, David and band perform Queen Bitch, Oh! You Pretty Things and Five Years
April 14;  David performs Starman on ITV's Lift Off With Ayshea.
April 30; Guildford, Civic Hall: David joins Mott the Hoople onstage for an encore - All the Young Dudes.
May 6;Kingston Polytechnic: Tony Defries invites journalists to this gig, recorded and appeared on a lot of bootlegs.
May 9; On BBC Radio 1's Sounds of the Seventies, David performs yet another round up of songs.
May 16;On BBC Radio One's Top Gear the new spiders and ziggy perform a few songs from the Ziggy album.
May 9; On BBC Radio One's Sounds of the Seventies David performs Ziggy Stardust, Five Years, Queen Bitch, Hang Onto Yourself, Suffragette City, Moonage Daydream, Waiting for the Man, Andy Warhol, Lady Starust, White Light/White Heat, The Superman, and Rock n Roll Suicide.
May 16; On BBC Radio One's Top Gear David and the Spiders perform Ziggy Stardust, Hang Onto Yourself, Suffragette City, White Light/White Heat and Moonage Daydream.

February 10 London, Tolworth, Tobyjug: Opening date of Ziggy Stardust tour.
July 8 London, Royal Festival Hall: Lou Reed joins Bowie and the Spiders for White Light/White Heat, Sweet Jane and Waiting for the Man.

January 17; David is interviewed on Russell Harty Plus and performs My Death and Drive in Saturday.
October 18-20; At the London, Marquee Club, the NBC TV The 1980 Floor Show is filmed (featuring Mick Ronson and Trevor Bolder with David for the last time). Marianne Faithful appears onstage for one song, I Got You Babe.
The show has been shown many times in the US but never in the UK. Information has it that the show had been heavily edited for the US, but never shown in Britain.
November 16; The 1980 Floor Show is broadcasted by NBC….or was it??
(I wrote to NBC to confirm the rights for the 1980 Floor Show's distribution and they sent me
this little note…..)