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b o w i e 7 0 s c h r o n i c l e

1970/1971   |   1972/1973   |   1974/1975   |   1976/1977   |   1978/1979

In 1970, Bowie introduced his own band
Hype, and released a few singles, as well as promotional attitudes for his single "Space Oddity", as well as his album [which was re-titled "Space Oddity" in the near future].
He made a couple of small, promotional appearances on the radio, and also performed with good friend and mime at the time, Lindsay Kemp.
On March 20th, Bowie married Angie.
This year, Bowie was very eager to get some attention for his music. He wanted to be a star. He was going to be a star.
Another small year for promotion, Bowie laid back and appeared on only a single radio performance, a television show [wearing his famous dress at the time], and did a show.

     There wasn't exactly a specific tour that Bowie had engaged upon during this period, yet, there were many small performances, concerts, events, radio plays, presentations and broadcastings between 1970 and 1971. Actually, he was supposed to tour the US to promote The Man Who Sold the World, but, he was forbidden to perform! (He still managed a few events here and there). Here are most of the more 'important' or most recognized appearances:

January 29; David performs 'London Bye Ta Ta' and performs a dance routine with wife-to-be [at the time] Angie and Lindsay Kemp on Grampian TV's "Cairrgorm Ski Night".
February 3; David has his last gig with Junior's Eyes and is introduced to Mock Ronson after the show.
February 5; On BBC Radio One's 'The Sunday Show', David performs 12 songs with his band the Hype (which was Mick Ronson [guitar], Tony Visconti [bass] and John Cambridge [drums]).
February 28; The Hype are introduced as Bowie's new electric group and they support the Tide.
March 19; This was not only a stage event at Beckenham?, [The Three Tuns], but it was also Bowie's stag night.
April 6; The Hype performs 'Waiting For The Man', 'Width Of A Circle' and 'Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud' in "Sounds Of The Seventies", BBC Radio One's 'The Andy Ferris Show'.
May 11; In "Sounds Of The Seventies", 'The Dave Symonds Show' on BBC Radio One, the Hype perform 'The Wilde Eyed Boy Form Freecloud and an earlier version of 'Width of a Circle'.

January 20; Wearing a dress on Granada TV, David performs his latest single at the time, 'Holy Holy'.
June 5; David and the following people perform a nine song set on BBC Radio One's "In Concert" programme: Mick Ronson, Mick Woodmansey, Trevor Bolder, Mark Carr Pritchard, Dana Gillespie and Geoffrey Alexander. This material can be found on the "Ziggy 2" bootleg.
June 20; David gives a solo performance.
September 25; Show at Borough Assembly Rooms in Aylesbury. A film was taken of this show, but unfortunately was lost!!